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My Community

As an exercise in community management, I did this analysis my own circle of family, friends and acquaintances, breaking it down into some categories, noting if and how that group is growing and seeing what connections I can make between them. Continue reading

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Linking Locally: First Steps for Creating a Small Business Network

It takes a bit more effort than just having a web page in order to ensure that your local business is found when someone does a location search, but if community developers and business leaders can get the local organizations and businesses on board with a program of mutual linking between their websites, they can Increase the chances that more of their small town and out-of-the-way businesses are found in the search engines and mapping platforms when people search by location. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Live Music

Live music is a key element that many small businesses and events use to attract customers, and using social networks is a great tool to use for promoting live music. If done wrong, however, you may see no benefit from the social media campaign and at worst you may even end up alienating some fans with confusing information or spam-like status posts. If you are a café, restaurant or special event planner offering live music, these tips will help you promote your event using your website, Twitter and Facebook. Continue reading

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Connecting the Digital to the Local

I love making connections between people, information, culture and geography. Today’s internet and location based technologies are making it easier than ever to connect niche markets, ideas and events. It is a great pleasure to know that because of information … Continue reading

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