5 Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Live Music

The Wiyos guitarist Parrish Ellis.

The Wiyos - photo by Tara Ward

Live music is a key element that many small businesses and events use to attract customers, and using social networks is a great tool to use for promoting live music. If done wrong, however, you may see no benefit from the social media campaign and at worst you may even end up alienating some fans with confusing information or spam-like status posts. If you are a café, restaurant or special event planner offering live music, these tips will help you promote your event using your website, Twitter and Facebook.

 1. Make Your Website the Hub  

Facebook is not organized very well for displaying lots of custom information and you are certainly not going to tweet out all of the details of your event in 140 characters. The social media channels drive the conversation, but it should be your website that is the destination and the gateway to your venue. Build your website to be the information hub so that folks can get all of the details there that they can’t from a tweet or status update. 

2. Make Critical Info Easy to Find  

Date. Time. Location. City. State. You would think this would be obvious, but I have seen many event websites and Facebook fan pages where this vital info is obscured in a graphic, buried at the bottom of the page or just left out entirely.  If you are going to publicize live music events, this info must be easy to find. Make sure it is prominently displayed in text on your website, fan pages and event announcements. 

The Fox Hunt with Chelsea McBee

The Fox Hunt with Chelsea McBee - photo by Tara Ward

3. Work With the Artist  

Send your website address to them and ask to link it to their tour dates page.  Ask if you can use some of their bio text for copy. Ask for permission to use audio and video links. Promote the artist’s website in your tweets and status updates more often than you promote your own. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter so that you can repost and retweet their news (especially when they talk about the upcoming show at your place). Let them know you are promoting their show and they will help promote your venue.

4. Post Often, But Not Too Often  

It is okay to repost links that you have posted before – just do so at a different time than you did last time to reach a different audience. If your event is a long way out, once a week is fine. As the time draws near, post more often, and post multiple times the day before and leading up to the show. If your venue runs shows every night, adjust your timing so that the upcoming events get the higher frequency of posts without spamming the readers.

Furnace Mountain band's Morgan Morrison and Aimee Curl.

Furnace Mountain Band - photo by Tara Ward

5. Remember the Social Part

Make it easy for people to contact you. When fans comment on your posts about the music you are hosting – engage them! At the very least thank them for taking the time to comment, but it’s even better to respond directly with some of your own. By turning even mundane comments into conversation starters you will help drive traffic to your website, the artist’s website and to your location.  

  • Fan: “Looking forward to it!” You: “@fan Thanks! Where are you coming from?”
  • Fan: “Is there parking?” You: “@fan Yes, please see the link for details and let us know if you have any special needs. <link.to.youreventdetailspage>
  • Fan: “This band is great!” You: “@fan Yes, this one is particularly good: <link.to.video>”

Participate in the atmosphere you are trying to create with live music you are hosting. Many musicians are very active in social media and easy to work with on promoting their shows through these channels. By working with them and their community of fans you can drive traffic to your website and ultimately to your venue.


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  1. Nice job Mike, great tips.

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