The Human Touch

Mom & Daughters

Photo by Tara Ward

If you want to generate a sense of goodwill and community with your audience, try to supply a human touch wherever possible. Small gestures that show that there is a real person at the other end of the connection lend confidence and familiarity to your cause. Here are three recent examples I have encountered where different technologies were used to supply the human touch to enhance a digital transaction.

(Note: I am unaffiliated with the businesses below, except as a customer.)

Email Assurance

I went to for some new contact cards, and after submitting the order realized I needed a change. I used the online help to report the problem and received an automated acknowledgment email. The human touch in this story was a line that in the email that jumped out at me:

“…a real, human MOO Service Agent will get back to you by the end of the next business day.”

The words “real, human” prominently displayed in that line gave me more confidence in their services than any case number could have, and I’m glad to report that they did indeed resolve my problem.

A Helpful Phone Call

I went for a domain name and the next day received a phone call from a customer service rep, asking about my setup and offering technical assistance. I did actually have some questions, and by calling me they saved me time with proactive customer service, not a pitch for an upgrade like you might expect. Online systems are helpful, but so was this phone call from a real person.

The Friendly Note

CD and Note from Tim Barry

Tim Barry - 28th & Stonewall

I ordered some CD’s from independent musician Tim Barry and they came with a note written from the road on hotel notepaper:

“Thanks Mike, I hope all is well in MD. Tim.”

How cool is that? A year later I still have the note, and it means a lot more to me than any archived email.

You can send invoices, tracking numbers and sales pitches galore, but if you really want to inspire confidence and community with your audience, connecting them with real people is where it’s at. Let me hear your stories – have you had an occasion where a digital transaction was improved by a human touch?

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