Spotlight On: Andrew McKnight

Andrew McKnight

Andrew McKnight

Pulling inspiration from the very ground of his Shenandoah Valley home, Andrew McKnight infuses his music with deep respect for the land and the simple joys of life.  I first heard Andrew in concert at Notaviva Vineyards in Purcellville, VA, and was caught by the strength of his songwriting and performance. Andrew gives voice to the Appalachian mountains and brings hope to others, like myself, who view them more as a national treasure than a natural resource.

In addition to samples of his music and poetry, Andrew has some excellent essays on his website, such as Marketing Music via Social Networks (While Maintaining Your Sanity) and a guide to hosting a house concert. True to his music marketing advice, he also offers full downloads for joining his mailing list.

Mountaintop Removal Site

A mountaintop removal site, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Bringing action with his words, Andrew will be performing with his band Beyond Borders next Sunday, Sept. 26 as part of the three-day Appalachia Rising in Washington D.C to stop mountaintop removal.


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