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4th and Goal: Working With a Professional Coach

Keeping things in perspective, focusing on the positive, staying on target – I would say these have been the greatest benefits of my experience working with professional coach Ben Coe of The Artist Farm. It is a different type of investment that’s hard to put an exact value on, but I feel will give me the best chance of making South Mountain Media succeed when I know the reality that many small businesses fail within their first year. Such experience is not easy to find, and I feel really fortunate that Ben understands the balance between the creative and economic powers. Read on for more of my experiences working with a professional coach. Continue reading

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A Short Story of The Long Tail

Getting a better understanding of The Long Tail has helped inspire me to seek my own place in the niche market economy, and since I know many of you are also small business owners and supporters, I hope this summary will help you as well. The Long Tail by Chris Anderson describes how internet, database and search engine technologies have combined with human power to access niche markets in a way that was impossible previously, where mega-hit driven products competed for limited, expensive shelf space. Using Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and Zappos as the main exhibits, Anderson describes how each has profited in niche markets by using a combination of technology and community. Continue reading

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Blog Experiment Gone Awry: Restrictive Scheduling Takes Its Toll

As my first blog enters its third month, I’m going to spend a few lines on an assessment of goals and realities. First I would like to say thank you for all of the compliments and feedback you’ve given me … Continue reading


Spotlight On: The Steampunk Family

Some of the most creative people I know live just across the river from me. For the Von Hedwig family, nearly every object has a second, third or fourth life. Whether cruising the skies in their dirigible or giving practical … Continue reading

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