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Little Birdie: Twitter 101 For Bluegrass Bands

Why might Twitter matter to bluegrass bands, musicians, festivals, labels and promoters? At its core, Twitter is a communication platform that is both intimate and public at the same time – not unlike a live music performance, except that it … Continue reading

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The Shame Game: Saving Face in Group Collaboration

As a follow-up to my Lincoln Letters post, I’m going to extend that thought by adding that when you decide what really needs to be said, what’s the best way to say it? When working with a group of people, … Continue reading

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Lincoln Letters: Double Drafting Critical Emails

“My dear McClellan: If you don’t want to use the army, I would like to borrow it for a while. Yours respectfully, A. Lincoln.” These were indeed Lincoln’s words to the lethargic leader of the Army of the Potomac – words the general never heard. Lincoln is known for having many files of letters that he never sent, a tactic I find very useful in modern email. It’s easy to save, but you can’t unsend. Continue reading

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