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The Local Time Traveller: 8 Historical Sites in Frederick County, Maryland

Spring is a time for growth and revival, so what better time to pull the South Mountain Media blog out of its recent doldrums. Although it’s been quiet here, I have been writing monthly “heirloom” articles for hyper-local news site Want2Dish Frederick, covering historical sites and stories of Frederick County, MD. I’ve always been a student of history, and enjoy learning about the past of the places I live and visit. Continue reading

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Spotlight: The Polka Dots

There are a lot of creative, talented, inspirational and happy people around me here at South Mountain – so many that I think I could write about them for a long time to come. Each Friday I’ll shine my spotlight on some of the people in my life, and hope to make some new connections for you all. Continue reading

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Linking Locally: First Steps for Creating a Small Business Network

It takes a bit more effort than just having a web page in order to ensure that your local business is found when someone does a location search, but if community developers and business leaders can get the local organizations and businesses on board with a program of mutual linking between their websites, they can Increase the chances that more of their small town and out-of-the-way businesses are found in the search engines and mapping platforms when people search by location. Continue reading

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Connecting the Digital to the Local

I love making connections between people, information, culture and geography. Today’s internet and location based technologies are making it easier than ever to connect niche markets, ideas and events. It is a great pleasure to know that because of information … Continue reading

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