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Civil War? Farmer Fights Town’s Takeover

A gem of green space like Crooked Run Orchard should be cherished and protected by its local elected officials, but unless more citizens and business owners of Purcellville, VA rally to Sam and Uta Brown’s cause, they are fighting an uphill battle against powerful forces that desire their land for development. It is my hope that citizens of both parties can come together to help Sam and Uta Brown of Crooked Run Orchard in Purcellville whose land and business are under attack by town officials who seem hell bent on destroying the twenty five year old orchard on historic farmland. For the left, this is an issue of environmental impact and access to green spaces. For the right, this is an issue of personal property and business owners rights against entrenched government power. For the Browns, it is simply a matter of survival. Continue reading

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4th and Goal: Working With a Professional Coach

Keeping things in perspective, focusing on the positive, staying on target – I would say these have been the greatest benefits of my experience working with professional coach Ben Coe of The Artist Farm. It is a different type of investment that’s hard to put an exact value on, but I feel will give me the best chance of making South Mountain Media succeed when I know the reality that many small businesses fail within their first year. Such experience is not easy to find, and I feel really fortunate that Ben understands the balance between the creative and economic powers. Read on for more of my experiences working with a professional coach. Continue reading

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A Short Story of The Long Tail

Getting a better understanding of The Long Tail has helped inspire me to seek my own place in the niche market economy, and since I know many of you are also small business owners and supporters, I hope this summary will help you as well. The Long Tail by Chris Anderson describes how internet, database and search engine technologies have combined with human power to access niche markets in a way that was impossible previously, where mega-hit driven products competed for limited, expensive shelf space. Using Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and Zappos as the main exhibits, Anderson describes how each has profited in niche markets by using a combination of technology and community. Continue reading

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It’s a Trap! How Not to Blast Away Your Fans

One of the challenges in marketing on the internet is treading the fine line between useful alerts and annoying spam. Rapid fire emails, tweets and status updates can fill the news stream, causing folks to scroll right past your blocks of promotion so they can get on to other friends and followers. Even great content delivered too fast or in screen hogging chunks may cause fans to unsubscribe simply because you are demanding too much real estate from their screen. So beware the three pitfalls below and take care to promote without blasting your fans away. Continue reading

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The Human Touch

If you want to generate goodwill within a community, try to supply a human touch wherever possible. Small gestures that show that there is a real person at the other end of the connection give confidence to your cause. We hear bad customer service complaints all the time, but here are three recent examples I have encountered where different technologies were used to supply the human touch to a digital transaction. Continue reading

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Remember When? The Power of the Shared Experience

Ever notice how movies that were hilarious on the big screen are just not as funny when you watch them alone? Ever been stuck in a line for so long that you start up a conversation with the person standing next to you? Ever not wanted to go to an event but you go anyway, meet lots of great people and think what a fool you would have been to miss it? In all of these cases, it is the experience that we share with others that can make the difference between an ordinary day and a time to remember. Continue reading

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Linking Locally: First Steps for Creating a Small Business Network

It takes a bit more effort than just having a web page in order to ensure that your local business is found when someone does a location search, but if community developers and business leaders can get the local organizations and businesses on board with a program of mutual linking between their websites, they can Increase the chances that more of their small town and out-of-the-way businesses are found in the search engines and mapping platforms when people search by location. Continue reading

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