Spotlight: The Polka Dots

The Polka Dots

The Polka Dots

There are a lot of creative, talented,  inspirational and happy people around me here at South Mountain  – so many that I think I could write about them for a long time to come. Each Friday I’ll shine my spotlight on some of the people in my life, and hope to make some new connections for you all. 

Starting in the spotlight are some of my friends from across the river in Virginia. Over the past two years, I’ve watched The Polka Dots concoct their cheeky blend of old-time and jazz, and I congratulate them  on the release of their first CD “Knee Deep”. 

With Ais Kavaldjian on fiddle, accordion and banjo, Nora Kavaldjian on mandolin and ukulele, and Olivia Zook on bass, the Dots bring out that harmonized, good-time string band sound of the past. Their inclusive shows have become a favorite with families in the local cafés in Loudon, VA and Frederick, MD, and at Watermelon Park Festival in Berryville, VA, where they will lead a musical kids parade. 

The Polka Dots - Knee Deep

The Polka Dots - Knee Deep

Catch The Polka Dots live this Sunday, Sept 12 as they debut at the 33rd Annual Takoma Park Folk Festival 3PM at the Grassy Nook stage.


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4 Responses to Spotlight: The Polka Dots

  1. Kris Consaul says:

    The Polka Dots will also appear at the Shamrock Music Shoppe in Purcellville (across the street from Nichols Hardware) on Sept 17 from 7-9pm. It’s the CD release party. Check out the Dots at

  2. Susan Keeney says:

    Site looks good Mike!
    (to test, I subscribed to comments and subscription)

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